Benjamin deTar Wilhite loved life, loved the people in his life and attempted to live life to its fullest. Through that perspective, he sought to create, to inspire, to challenge and to care for all within his reach. He was all about uplifting those around him to be better, and to find more in the substance of life.

He died tragically on Sunday Mar 8, 2020 at the age of 31, after a life spent pursing the things that he loved and with positively touching the lives of so many. Ben is survived by his loving wife, Elizabeth Sandlin Wilhite, and her parents, Bill and Rexanna and his sister in law, Taylor all from Southlake, TX. He is also survived by his mom, Jill Palmer Wilhite, ( Dallas) ; his dad, John deTar and his wife Marilla, and their daughter Leela, His “second ” dad, Dan, and his wife, Marsha Brock/ Hearin Wilhite, his siblings: Lizzy Schwab, and husband Michael and two sons; Ben Wilhite and wife, Claire and two daughters and Emily Barke, and her husband, Tyler and as well by his grandmother, Mary Lou deTar in Michigan.

Through his later college days and in the start of his career, he was a junior associate at SunTx capital partners. Later, he became a founding partner at Caruth Capital Partners and had been an advocate and a board member at Crossfire Kids and other Dallas non-profit organizations. He and Liz have invested the last several years of their lives making a difference in our community. Ben will be remembered for his free spirit, his limitless capacity to pursue life, his caring heart and his fun-loving mindset. Ben expressed his faith in God in a quiet and very personal way. He often would just “talk to God”, (and himself) in times of decision and conflict. Ben will be remembered as a true friend and loyal partner and for his often-brilliant capacities to see business opportunity and to bring innovative solutions to a complex world. He will be missed by all.